Ylang 23 Joins The Taigan Family

The jewelry shop Ylang 23 has joined Taigan’s clothing specialty stores, gourmet food shops, luxury pet boutique Come. Sit. Stay., numerous home décor stores, children’s stores and more on Taigan.com.

This fine jewelry shop, celebrating 25 years of business, was previously called Ylang Ylang and is owned by the married couple Joanne and Charles Teichman, who opened their store in Dallas in 1985. The exquisite jewelry at Ylang 23 delivers fine workmanship and one-of-a-kind designs using quality metals and minerals. The number 23 which is part of the Ylang 23 name is reminiscent of the owners’ personal story: they met on the 23rd, were engaged on the 23rd and also married on the 23rd.

On Taigan online, Ylang 23 sells fine jewelry pieces from many different designers, each with a peculiar style and fashion-forward thinking. As a Taigan shopper on the web, you can find a Cathy Waterman rose-cut amethyst ring or cuff. You can browse the online jewelry boutique and find a pair of Todd Reed pear-shaped rose cut yellow earrings or a turquoise charm necklace to dress up a casual look.

The Ylang 23 jewelry pieces are perfect for special gifts too. Men, if you’re having no luck finding something for that special someone in your life, try shopping on Taigan. You’ll find something just right to surprise her for an anniversary, birthday, the birth of your child, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas and more.

Ylang 23 represents a number of top designers, from Sydney Evan and Mizuki to Lucie Campbell and Kala to Jennifer Meyer. These designers of Ylang 23 outfit celebrities like Drew Barrymore and Diane Lane, who wore a Cathy Waterman piece of jewelry on the cover of Redbook. Ylang 23’s Ten Thousand Things designs also made it in on the famous-for-shopping magazine Lucky.

So if you’re looking for something special to wear with a particular gown or a one-of-a-kind necklace to give pizzazz to any outfit, shop Ylang 23, the newest jewelry boutique to join the elusive collection of boutique shops online at Taigan.

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