Taigan Style Watch: The Mercantile’s Barbara Heath in Atlanta, Georgia

Meet Barbara Heath; Atlanta’s elegant and creative boutique owner known for her one-of-a-kind gifts and timeless interiors at The Mercantile. Barbara brings her special flair for unique gift giving and stlish home decorating to Taigan. Designer note cards, memorable hostess gifts and one of a kind objects range from a Mark Edge Eco-vintage necklace to an Amethyst Hobnail Pitcher to an Antique Sunburst Mirror.

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In three words or less, how would you describe The Mercantile style?

Quiet Elegance

Most beautiful things you’ve ever seen?

• The birth of my daughter, Lauren
• Taylor Bay in Turks and Caicos at sunset
• Zip Lining after a spring shower at Witches Canopy in Costa Rica – brilliant color and rainbows

What style do you most admire?

Hopefully through our lives and experiences we all evolve. As this evolution occurs, we’re drawn to different styles that reflect us. Right now, I am evolving into somewhat of a minimalist – from the perspective of wanting items that are special in their own merit, and not necessarily that they are the same “shade of what-ever” – I am enjoying the history that surrounds an item. I think that having met Clint Smith and Beth Webb over the course of this past year has definitely influenced me. They have such elegant and easy styles – very special, and not expected or imposing.

Tell us your most prized possession?

Easy – my family

If you had just one day to spend in Atlanta what would you do?

Time is so precious – can I have more than a day? If not, since I don’t tend to take time for myself, I’ll very selfishly say that I would first go to my very favorite hair stylist – Jeffrey McQuithy (owner, Vis-à-vis) and treat myself. I would then run across the way to DermaLuxe (also owned by Jeffrey) for a special facial. Now that I am fully relaxed (and coifed), and since my favorite past time is cooking, I would go to the DeKalb Famers’ Market in Decatur and shop for dinner. They have an incredible array of fresh produce, breads, and meats. Lauren would most likely be with me – iPhone in hand to help with recipe searches and our list of ingredients. Our next stop would be Star Provisions – for an extensive selection of cheeses and cured meats….(sounds like I setting up for a wonderful evening feast!!). If anyone has not tasted their country terrine – you do not know what you are missing!!! Lauren and I will assemble an incredible charchuterie platter as an appetizer for the evening. We’ll begin prepping for our dinner – and our guests. Candles, wine glasses, linens, and flowers – we’re set! Since my life is hectic, my very favorite way to spend the evening is with my husband, Mike, our daughter Lauren and our friends – good food, wonderful company, and relaxing atmosphere – oh – and ending with a chilled sip of Lemoncello. If – I get a second day, just because….I would spend it at Scott’s Antique Market – walking each aisle, of both buildings, inside and out. But I would get there at 6:00 a.m. on Thursday morning – next best thing to a Paris Flea Market, but without the flight….oh – and the best little donuts made on site with cinnamon sugar to top them off.

What is your favorite feel good outfit?

This is a tough question – It’s easy to feel strong and confident in a navy blazer, white slacks paired with the perfect crisp white blouse, but I feel as though right now, especially with the store, I am feeling most confident in a linen outfit from eskandar – easy, fluid, elegant, paired with a terrific vintage crystal necklace and diamond studs. Possibly the heat of the summer is influencing that, but you cannot beat the easy elegance of linen.

Tell us something no one knows about you.

I’m pretty transparent – but if I need to pull something out, many people don’t know that my Grandmother (Mom’s Mother) emigrated from Poland (as did all of my ancestors). As an immigrant, she needed to help the family to get settled, raise funds, etc. They used their personal skills so well back them – she used to make incredible wedding gowns- lace, crystal, voile, etc, and in fact, the christening gown used in our family, was made by Grandma – from her own children, down to her grandchildren, her great grandchildren, and soon, her great-great grand children. A wonderfully beautiful legacy!!!! Possibly my creative side stems from her, through my Mom.

Describe your most memorable “find”.

My family and I LOVE to vacation in Provodenciales, Turks and Caicos. Provo is the “conch capital of the world” – and a tradition for us – whether vacationing on our own, or with friends, is to visit “The Conch Shack” for our first dinner. Fresh out of the sea – as they harvest the conch immediately from the beach in front of us, we feast on conch fritters, conch chowder, fried conch, etc – any which way you can prepare conch. It has also become a must for our last meal on the island.

What is your favorite item found on Taigan?

I am LOVING the styles at Style Paris. It is tough to pick my favorite – I’ve gone from LaPelle black party dress (how fun and elegant) to Voltige Bis Elastique off-the-shoulder summer top (blue and white of course).

What is your favorite find in The Mercantile on Taigan?

We get so many items in that are unique – but they tend to exit the store immediately. I think one of my favorites is a pair of lamps whose base was created from concrete pipes recycled from the plumbing remodel at the Biltmore. The pipes actually had lichons that attached to them creating an amazing patina. We contracted with the artist to make a pair of shades out of expansion metal – very organic looking paired together. The greatest thing about these lamps – they were industrial with the metal shades, but place a wonderful slubbed dupioni silk shade on them, and now they were elegant and refined (with a subtle edge). Sadly they didn’t last long in the shop – we’re hoping the artist can recreate them for us to share on Taigan.

Next time you’re in the Atlanta area, be sure to stop by The Mercantile and visit with Barbara and her team. Or if you can’t get to Atlanta, shop her inspired collection at The Mercantile on Taigan. From gifts, furnishings, accessories and art, it’s ever a pleasant surprise.

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  1. lgreenstudiosblog says:

    Love the special section about shopping at the Dekalb Farmers Market–best selection of fresh foods in Atlanta…Thanks!!

  2. Tina Steele Lindsey says:

    Oh my – love this interview, insightful and fabulous – images are so great.

  3. Taigan Finds says:

    Thank you Tina an Laura!

  4. Jennifer says:

    I received one of the Mark Edge pieces as a gift, I wear it everywhere!

  5. lee wiser mcintosh says:

    i live in atlanta and have only been to her store vicariously. i have a friend who gives me christmas/birthday presents from there.
    gifts procured from the mercantile are consistently my favorite!

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