Royal Blue

Few things are as exciting (for all of us common folks) as a Royal Engagement. For the past 2 days everyone has been talking nonstop about the lovely Kate Middleton stealing the heart of Prince William. It seems like just yesterday when I was imagining my own engagement to Prince William, but thankfully I’ve moved on and am thrilled to be a spectator in what is already being hailed as the biggest event since Prince Charles and Diana tied the knot.

Minutes after I heard the news I wondered what sort of bling was bestowed upon Waity Katie. My mind raced through all of the different cuts and settings that could possibly be in the running… A classic round? The popular cushion? Or maybe a stately emerald cut? I was surprised to learn that it wasn’t a diamond at all, but Diana’s own sapphire engagement ring that the sentimental prince chose to give his bride-to-be.

If Kate has half of the effect on us that the late Diana did then we are sure to see a surge in the popularity of cluster style sapphire rings. Luckily, I found a few at Richter’s Jewelry to fulfill my craving.

French Diamond and Sapphire Ring
Antique Purple Sapphire Ring

I don’t think Kate’s influence on the public is anything to question, based on the fact that minutes after the happy couple officially announced their engagement the sapphire blue (no coincidence, I’m sure) Issa dress that Kate wore sold out immediately. Since we won’t be able to get our hands on that particular dress anytime soon, here is a lovely Herve Leger option as well as a more conservative Susan van der Linde number.

Hopefully these Taigan items will help you create the royal blue magic!

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