Ask Julia: Collecting Art

I’m looking to invest in some art for my home. Are there any up and coming artists that you follow or recommend?

-Jenny T.

Collecting photography can be one of the most affordable ways to fill your space with art. Richard Sexton, who shows at TAIGAN’s Richter Gallery is a New Orleans-based photographer of whom I’m especially fond. My mother has four of his beach-scapes in her house in Seaside, Florida, and last week when I was in New York, I noticed that my friend Keith Meacham had one of Sexton’s big photos of a live oak tree on the wall of her Upper East Side apartment. Its clarity and detail reminded me of a beautiful 19th century print. Sexton does color stuff too–there’s a photo called Palm Fronds i’ve been seriously thinking about for my sunroom. Richter also has Jeffrey Seltzer, whose well priced work is very graphic with great pops of color. They are wonderful little modern art pieces–think Barnett Newman.

-Julia Reed

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