Not Your Average Valentine’s Day Gift

My friends and family often remark that I am impossible to shop for, and, in all honesty, it’s absolutely true. I would rather a thoughtfully written card instead of the average gift, any day of the week. And for some unknown and entirely irrational reason, I always feel so badly when someone tries so hard with a present, and just falls so short. For these reasons, I almost always insist “no presents”. However, there are certain occasions (like Valentine’s Day) when certain people (like my boyfriend) feel that a gift is obligatory. For these instances, I almost always come up with a list of cool and interesting gifts I would love, and “accidentally” leave it out for “anyone” to see. Here are some of my favorite Valentine’s Day presents that might inspire you or your man.

I have recently become a huge fan of Atlanta based jewelry designer Ann Ziebell. She uses authentic Art Deco, Edwardian and Victorian component pieces to make these fabulously unique and highly romantic necklaces, bracelets and cuffs. I’m currently coveting this Italian Coin and Key Necklace.

Also highly romantic, is a special perfume. I’ve been known to find a perfume and stick with it for years – I love having a signature scent that my friends can identify me with. High on the list of things that annoy me, is when someone close to me buys “my” perfume. Thus, I’ve stopped buying well-known name brands from department stores, and try to find rare perfumeries, like Strange Invisible Perfumes. I happen to love anything rose-scented which is why I’m dying to try (and confident that I will love) their Aquarian Roses Eau de Parfum.

One of my favorite aspects of vintage jewelry is imagining the glamorous past it once held. High up on my lust-list is this 1970’s Givenchy bracelet. It’s stunning and timeless, and I know I would get great use out of it.

Other things I love: scarves. Unfortunately for me, I also have a bad habit of losing scarves. I was hoping I would outgrow this, but have had no luck so far, which is why I think you can never have too many scarves and that they are fantastic gifts. This Marni Pink Fluo Cashmere Scarf, is versatile, and after spending too many years single, and wearing black on Valentine’s Day, I love how festively color-appropriate it is.

My father used to bring back art from his various travels, and I always thought it made such a special and thoughtful gift. Because I grew up on the water, and now live in land-locked state,  I would absolutely love to have Richard Sexton’s “Refractive Sunset” hanging in my home. And while maybe not “affordable” to some people, these incredible photos will (hopefully) not break the bank.

I’m one of those pet-loving freaks who use any occasion or holiday to indulge my dog – Valentine’s Day is obviously no exception. I’ve already ordered this Cute as a Cupcake collar and leash, which was just too adorable to resist.

Even if you’re not celebrating with anyone special, celebrate yourself this Valentine’s Day and buy something that will make you happy. Happy Valentine’s Day! Anna.

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