On what occasion would you lie?

We’re wondering, On what occasion would you lie?

Jessica Packer, Imperio jp: Something harmless – “Your child’s brilliant piano playing is only surpassed by his charms…”

Michaela Jones, Gavin: When your significant other asks you if they look good and they don’t.

Anna Laptook, Taigan: When my mother looks at my credit card bills and asks me if Apex Nails (Salon) is a hardware store.

Ann Ziebell, Ann Ziebell Jewelry: For the life of someone I love!!

Mimi Robinson, Mimi: To spare someone’s feelings. xoxo

Beth Garrett, Taigan: when someone asks my age or my weight!!!!!

Woo Caroland, Woo Skincare & Cosmetics: Never.

Britt Steele, Taigan: When people ask questions like these 🙂

Arthur Wilbanks, 29 Cosmetics: To save a life.

Eli Hardof, A Wine for All: To my wife if:

…She asks me if she looks like she put on weight (If she did then I compliment her figure).

…She asks me if I’m staring at the young co-ed girl at the bar in a restaurant(at which point I reconfirm how good her figure looks).

…She asks me which of the IDENTICAL two hand bags I like better (this also includes shoes, scarfs and nail polish shades).

To my daughter:

…To get her to date an honor student nerd over a jock.

To my accountant:

…when he asks me if that trip to Hawaii to visit vineyards was really a business trip.

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