A Rare Find – Welcome Rare Book Purveyor Nick Harvill Libraries

Taigan's Rare Books and First Edition Book Purveyor Nick HarvillFree shipping through October 3rd at Nick Harvill Libraries. 

 Nick Harvill Libraries specializes in out-of-print and rare books from the Twentieth Century, from Fashion, Design, Art, Social History, Travel, Hollywood, and Photography. Nick Harvill will happily offer suggestions on out-of-print books that make one-of-a-kind gifts, specifically tailored to the recipient. Shop the ever-changing collection of rare books from Nick Harvill Libraries, only on Taigan.

Why we invited Nick Harvill Libraries to join Taigan:

 Nick Harvill is a young and passionate curator of delightful books you won’t find anywhere else. The rare, the out-of-print – his zeal for hunting them down is only surpassed by his eye for putting them together in cohesive and entertaining collections. Elle Decor called Nick a “smart young dealer” with “hip, vintage books.” His picks are regularly featured in Vogue and C Magazine. Today, in addition to building intimate and institutional scale libraries for his private clients, Nick offers some of his favorite finds…right here on Taigan.

Special Launch Offer: Free 2-day shipping on all Nick Harvill Library purchases on Taigan through October 3rd, 2011 (handling fees may apply)

Nick Harvill Libraries on TaiganRare Books and Out of Print Books from Nick Harvill Libraries on Taigan

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