Taigan Tastings – A Few Personal Favorites

One of the many perks of working for Taigan is that we frequently receive wine, food and all kinds of sweets from potential vendors as well as from our wonderfully generous shops. And as people who use literally any excuse to celebrate, we are often ordering various treats from Taigan for office festivities. So after one year of working at Taigan, and probably ten pounds later, I have a pretty good feel for what’s on the site, and what’s truly worth ordering. Indulge in a few of my personal favorite selections from Taigan’s wine and food category – I promise you won’t regret it! Anna.

The Sugar Monkey‘s cakes often cause a bit of a problem around the office – they are just too good. You would think Taigan employees were malnourished by the way we hover over the cake and literally watch it and poke at it until we get the go ahead to eat it. Of the ones we’ve tried, the carrot cake and the pistachio-strawberry cake blew us away. Even the people who generally dislike pistachio were amazed by how incredible this cake was. And the frosting…so rich and fresh and yet not overly sweet. Taigan’s CEO Elizabeth Nichols does not do sweet – she puts salt on almost anything, and even she indulges in these cakes.

For Taigan’s Holiday Party last year, we enjoyed a five-course meal of everything Taigan. From the wine to the cheese to the lamb chops to the mint jelly on the lamb chops, everything was ordered from Taigan. While the night was a huge success, there were a few selections that stood out to me, and that I have since ordered for myself, family and friends. One of my favorites from that night was the 2007 Rosado Cava from The Spanish Table. Since I am no sommelier, I won’t even attempt to explain the aroma or the clarity, but I will say that it was probably the one wine that everyone agreed was simply delicious.

Another crowd-pleaser from that night was the Michaud Vineyard Pinot Noir. My go-to wine is a Pinot Noir, so there was no surprise that I fell for these wines from the famed boutique winery of Monterey County.  We tasted the 2004, 2005 and 2006, and while all were fantastic, the 2006 was my personal favorite.

Before Rich Chocolates & Candies became a Taigan shop, they sent our office a large majority of their chocolate inventory (clearly they knew the way to our hearts). Before I continue, I will preface this by saying I am not a chocolate or candy person – I much rather a bowl of pasta any day. However, I died for the Honey Almond Toffee (and consequently ate almost all of it…). A favorite of Rich Chocolate’s head chef, the honey, the almond, the toffee and the dark chocolate come together to create an unbelievably delicious bite.

I have many, many other favorites from Taigan, but in the interest of a somewhat pithy post, those will have to wait for another day!

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