Nest Luxury Dog Beds and Our Version of Animal Testing

Nest Luxury Dog Beds and their star quality officer, Sparky.

“I’m going to be a dog star?” asked Sparky

Our pup had no idea he was going to be a test animal and live in the lap of luxury.  His dilemma was that he had new luxury wood dog bed prototypes of all sizes arriving weekly.  Cushions of all shapes and colors — from firm to super-soft.

And he couldn’t decide where to sleep.

They were filled with memory foam, polyester fiberfill, foam rubber, buckwheat hulls and kapok.  They were stained and painted and antiqued in all different colors.

It was enough to drive his caretakers, designer and furniture importers Nancy and Henry Langhorst crazy.  But, it’s not a bad life for a 74 year old test dog.

Sparky is a rescue mutt.  And a darn cute one.  When we got him at 8 weeks, he looked like the perfect K9 powder puff.  Our 10 year old picked him out and named him, actually.  No, actually he named him Sparky.

I always thought Sparky was a name for a Dalmatian fire dog at a company somewhere
in Bithlo, Arkansas.  But after almost 12 years, there’s no other appellation that would suit this 35 pound Brittany Spaniel/Australian Shepherd/Heinz 57–though sometimes he seems to forget his name.

Sometimes he even forgets his own size.  Thinks he’s a Chihuahua.

Sparky will try out every single bed we put on the floor, no matter what the size

It doesn’t matter if the bed is designed for a teacup poodle, he’s going to test it.  His floor, his bed, his rules.  And he will be asleep and dreaming in seconds.
It’s pretty darned adorable to see him curled up in this tiny bed like a Husky in a snowdrift.  Like that size 18 holding a size 6 in front of you in line for the dressing room, somehow he’s going to make it work.

But we like to think it is because our Nest Luxury Dog Beds are the most comfortable elevated pet beds, designed and crafted to compliment the finest decor.   Somehow Sparky knows that he was the inspiration behind the company.  He senses the thought and love that go into their creation.  And then he beams in.  No sooner does a new bed hit the ground than he is in it.  We have watched it happen with every bed.

See for yourself.  Try out a NEST Luxury Dog Bed risk free.  We know that YOU are going to love it.  But if your dog isn’t 100% satisfied, send it back.  No questions asked.  But if your dog mentions that he doesn’t like the color, give us a call.  We have a job for him.

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7 Responses to Nest Luxury Dog Beds and Our Version of Animal Testing

  1. Lauri says:

    I ordered the Bermuda Lounger for my Welsh Corgi, Ginger, and she loves it! I love it because it does not take away from my decor. It is actually like a piece of art. It was tough to choose a fabric because they offer so many current and fresh fabrics. I also like the fact that beds are constructed in the US and that the cushion filling is made of recycled material. The Nest Collection has great design and a conscience. Thank you

  2. jennifer says:

    We love having a dog nest in our home! The dogs, my husband and myself. We do love to spoil our dogs, and comfort is the way. They are particularly special, not only for the dogs, but for our home, as they are beautifully crafted and have many designs to choose from. The quality of the structure and material is top notch. We are all so pleased. Thanks

  3. Kathy says:

    Our cat, J.B., thinks he’s “top dog” now that he has a cool new bed! After buying quite a few very tacky cat beds over the years, I was thrilled to find Nest and so many choices of finishes and fabrics for these elegantly designed beds. This bed will last a lifetime – the quality of both the construction and the fabric is impressive. We chose the Largo Lounger small bed in the bone finish. It’s truly a beautiful addition to the tropical-style decor in our family room and we’ve received tons of compliments!

  4. Anna says:

    WHO is that stunning and majestic dog?????? I’ve never seen anything so beautiful!

  5. Eric says:

    Go figure, Sparky picks the smallest one to curl up into! Too cute.

  6. bigo says:

    Its nice to have a fine place for Snoopy to lounge. Very fine construction. Snoopy is happy.

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