The Warmth of Fall

By: Haley Schultheis

Sucre- Caramel and Brown Butter Collection

Fall is by far one of our most enriching seasons – and most special.  The colors, the flavors, and the fabrics are some of the most luxurious of the year.  Inspired by nature, I’m drawn to the scents of maple syrup and pumpkin, the warm colors of burnt orange and chocolate brown, and all of the sumptuous fabric – leather, velvet, and suede during the autumn season.  So, how do you fight this season’s chill as we near the colder months?  Simply shop warmly and you are sure to stay cozy all season.

What better way to start than with a box of delicious fall inspired chocolates from Sucre?  If you haven’t been to this lovely shop in New Orleans, you absolutely must put it on your list.  But, of course, the fact that you can order this perfectly packaged box of seasonal chocolates and have them delivered to your doorstep is better than second best.  Enjoying the rich flavors of caramel and brown butter under your favorite cashmere blanket are sure to leave you feeling the warm rays of summer leaves in no time.

Ylang 23 – Pippo Perez Triple Owl Bracelet

Left: Quadrille Velvet Button Coat, Right: Loeffler Randal Dana boots from Sabot

Left: Kevin O’Brien Studio Velvet Rorshack Peacock Pillow, Right: 2012 Agenda from And George

When it comes to attire, invest in strong and stately attire finished in traditional fabrics.  I love this perfectly tailored velvet coat with striking gold buttons.  Paired with your favorite scarf, this is an essential addition to your fall wardrobe.  Pair it with the Loeffler Randall Riding boots and a pair of skinny jeans, and chic and cozy is sure to be an understatement in your world.

With these classic purchases, add a bit of whimsy to your day with this nature inspired owl bracelet from Pippo Perez. Not only is this piece adorable, it reminds me of taking a long walk in the woods as the leaves are changing with a cup of steaming hot chocolate in hand.  If looking at that piece while you type doesn’t get you through a long workday, I’m not sure what will!  And, of course, don’t forget to add a bit of autumn into your seasonal home décor as well.  With a rich palette of burgundy that reminds me of mulling spices, I love this velvet pillow from Haven! It’s certain to add an air of warmth and style to any space.

Left: Wood Tie from The Mercantile, Right: Navy Moccasin

LEFT: Jocelyn Helen Raccoon Fur Hooded Vest from G Gilbert, Right: Dark Brown Leather Tube Leash with Gold Handle

For men, what could be more fun than a wooden tie this season?  Adding this piece to your favorite plaid button down, is sure to get you a second glance.   It’s like wearing a piece of art!  Pair it with these traditional navy moccasins and you are sure to be stepping out in style.

And, finally, when you finally do step out of the house for that long crisp walk – don’t forget the dog!  This dark brown leather tube leash from Vonderbitch has such a striking leather finish.  Walk your furry friend wrapped up in this fabulous fur vest by Jocelyn Helen and you won’t even notice that you have indeed forgotten your mittens.

Haley Schultheis is a writer and blogger based in Dallas, Texas. She founded her blog, Nonsense & Sensibility in 2009 and is a member of the Vogue Influencer Network, the Conde Nast Style Society, and is excited to contribute to Taigan Finds! Haley enjoys reading, traveling, and writing about life’s most stylish and unique people, places, and things- what a job!

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