Worldly Style

By: Haley Schultheis

Left: Christian Lacroix Pillow Right: Chain and Tassle Necklace

What does it mean to have worldly style?  Of course, there are many answers to such a broad question.  Whether it’s a coffee table book on your favorite Renaissance artist, a pillow with an illustration of your favorite Parisian monument, or a pair of boots that remind you of your trip to Italy that was summers ago – it’s certainly all about incorporating things into your daily life that inspire you.

Left:  Portraits book Right: Where Are You? 

Left: Area Forte Trio Boot Right: Crystal Whiskey Glass

Left: Ashley Nightshirt Right: Micha Design Pearl Necklace

Left: Annie Modica Large World Tray Right: Manifest Destiny Candles

For me, I love serving cocktails in glasses with an old world elegance, wearing a necklace that looks as if it came from an old English antique store, or – simply adorning myself in something silk and feeling oh-so-French!  So travel the world from the comforts of your home by incorporating a few small cultural touches into your wardrobe and décor.  It’s an excellent way to always fly first class.


Haley Schultheis is a writer and blogger based in Dallas, Texas. She founded her blog, Nonsense & Sensibility in 2009 and is a member of the Vogue Influencer Network, the Conde Nast Style Society, and is excited to contribute to Taigan Finds! Haley enjoys reading, traveling, and writing about life’s most stylish and unique people, places, and things- what a job!

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