Blue Crush

1.Herend Honey Bear 2. Jade and Lapis Dressing Robe 3. Silk Ikat Shawl 4. Bluecoat American Dry Gin 5. Vintage Blue Glass Earrings 6. Bees Blue and White Jar

It’s that time of year, when we dream of spring, beach waves, and the warm sun reflecting off our cheeks.  What better way to welcome the new season than with one of nature’s most calming colors: blue.  Embrace shades of azure this season with a new IKAT shawl, a brand new pair of dark denim J Brand jeans, or even some beautiful vintage glass lapis blue earrings.

  1. The Harold Rondabout Blue Dress 2. Beaded Envelope Swirls 3. Stella Daisy Stream Skirt 4. Navy Kazak Button Down Shirt 5. Pecksniff’s Teal Hydrating Shower Cream 6. Blue Shoe Guest Towel 7. Diamond Hexagon in Rose Gold8. J Brand Super Skinny Bootleg

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