Confessions of a Vandy Student: Spring Break – A Time For Change

Spring break is upon us, well for students anyway and I am preparing to cherish every moment of my five day trip to the Bahamas with a group of seniors, as it is one of my final college experiences and a depressing reminder that the end is near. My parents, on the other hand, are reveling in the fact that this will be the last time (after much begging and pleading) that they pay for their daughter to sit on a beach all day, sip margaritas and consume an exorbitant amount of food due to the dreaded “all inclusive” option. Additionally, it will probably be a mere fifteen years, if I’m lucky, until I make it big in New York and am able to treat myself to a beach filled vacation – although I hope it will be a tad more glamorous, devoid of the “all inclusive” aspect.

Interestingly, I have come full circle in my spring break trips, as I went to the Bahamas my senior year of high school (again, after much begging and pleading). The difference was that at eighteen in the Bahamas, my friends and I seemed to be more occupied with the excitement attached to drinking rum punches (legally, of course) under no parental supervision than with our fashion choices. This time though the rum punches are old news and I will be approaching spring break from a different angle, one that involves maxi dresses for dinner in replace of cut off jean shorts, colorful cover-ups instead of, well, none at all and to I’m sure many college spring breakers horror – one pieces! So here are some picks for my transition from a spring breaking student to a resort wearing woman.

Panama Hat

Retro Super Future Sunglasses

Midriff Cut-Out One Piece

Haute Hippie Embroidered Silk Tunic

Red Coral, Amethyst and Lapis Necklace

The Liza

Missoni Scarf

Tondi Grande Sandals

The Rosie

Panama Frame Sunglasses

Yana Stripe Dress

Mojave Tunic

V-Neck Low Back One Piece

The John John

Doppio Incrocio

Metallic Floral Dress


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