Southern Finds

Almost six years ago I was pulled kicking and screaming out of my beloved New York City. I was headed to Vanderbilt, and the thought of spending the next four years in Tennessee was not a decision I was particularly pleased with.  As a naive teenager, I thought I was en route to the land of hillbillies and tumbleweeds.

While it probably goes without saying that college was the best four years of my life, one of my greatest takeaways has been a love of southern culture. From the decadent food to the charming cities of Charleston, New Orleans and more, I have a deep respect and appreciation for the South. After four years of college and two years of employment in Nashville, I’m finally heading home to New York. Though I wont be pulled kicking and screaming this time, I am definitely sad to be leaving! In honor of my move, I’ve compiled a few of my favorite Southern finds – enjoy! Anna.

Blackberry Farm Cornbread Mix

Magazine Street Perfume

Plaid Men’s Sports Coat

Some Favorite Southern Recipes of the Duchess of Windsor

Southern Selection Cheese Gift Box

Women’s Lucano Boot

Gracie Smock Bloomer Dress

Cast Bronze Lace Necklace

Candied Southern Pecans

Blackberry Farm Pimento Cheese

Callie’s Charleston Ham & Cheese Cocktail Biscuits

Seersucker Boys Blazer

Charleston Bloody Mary Mix

Panama Sun Hat

The Southern Cosmopolitan

Classic Southern Turtles

Southern Belle Goat Cheese

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