Practical Gifts for the College Graduate

My parents, like many parents, were stumped by what to get me for graduation a few years ago. Since I had the sense to foresee the “cruel” reality of bills, rent, and no more joint credit cards, I told them I just wanted a check. However, my incredibly thoughtful parents went above and beyond and bought me unique and special items to decorate my first apartment with. When my friends were buying the cheapest items available at Ikea, I treasured the items I was given at graduation, and know I will continue to treasure them. Shop some of my favorite “thoughtful” graduation gifts! Anna.

Beach Glass Large Plate

Leopard Aubusson Pillow

Monogrammed Melamine Dinner Plates

Giedre Placemats

Beach Glass Piccolo Bowl

Chevron Cotton Blankets

Compedio Kitchen Knives – featured in Oprah Magazine

Daniel Bellow Babies

Upholstered Champagne Box

Speckled Green Martini Glass

Landscape Photo Series

Faux Bamboo Flatware

Richard Sexton Photo

Sea Life Tray

Leopard Waste Paper Basket

Blue Damask Dinnerware

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