Fritz Orr Canoe – a True “Adventure Capitalist”

Taigan designer Fritz Orr – a specialty canoe paddle artist’s works have never gone unnoticed or appreciated but this week, he got a great write-up in Mountain Living in Western North Carolina magazine.

Below are a few highlights from the piece. Happy reading (and then shopping)!

“Becoming a paddle craftsman might seem like a natural progression for someone who started boating at age eight, yet it came as a surprise occupation and passion for Orr. “I basically started by rubbing two sticks together, or gluing two sticks together I should say.” He’d restored canoes and made a paddle now and again, but when he began to apply canoe-building techniques to paddle design a few years ago, namely using steam to bend wood and jigs to set it in place like the ribs of a canoe, the creativity began to flow. Unlike a canoe, which can take hundreds of hours to finish, one paddle rolls out in 15 to 25 hours and can be designed in a multitude of woods.”

“Last year, Orr made 100. This year, he’ll double that. But he still intends to talk with each client to learn about the person who will trust his work on the water, or simply admire its handcrafted lines. “I try to interpret who the person is and produce a paddle unique to them,” he says.”

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