Lance Woven Leather

I’ve always been a huge fan of Lance Woven Leather’s gorgeously woven totes, but since I laid eyes on their leather woven American Flag pillows, its safe to say I’m obsessed.

Italian designed and hand-woven, Lance Woven Leather’s totes are a new take on the beloved beach classic (the pictures don’t do these bags justice either, they are simply gorgeous). And the pillows are so fantastic I want every one for every room in my beach house. Get yours in time for Fourth of July Festivities!

Nation on Vacation Woven Pillow

Architect Woven Leather

Woven Pillow

Studio Woven Leather Tote

Woven Pillow

Woven Leather Tote

Woven Pillow

Metallic Tote

Bling Bling Pillow

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