Taigan in The Upcoming UK

Taigan was featured in The Upcoming, a UK cultural news website. The write-up was beautiful – thank you, The Upcoming!

Not only did the article spread the word on what we are, but they featured some beautiful photos of Aidan Gill for Men from New Orleans, Adesso Jewelry from Santa Barbara and Found for the Home from Houston.

Check out the write-up here and see below for photos:

“You would be mistaken to think the stores only cater for women’s beauty needs, Aidan Gill’s collection of handcrafted razors, stands and shaving brushes accompanied by creams, oils and soaps have the English tradition in mind, grooming in true style!”

“The site includes jewellery from Adesso, with a mix of vintage, modern and international styleall items – are handmade.”

“Found presents unique 18th and 19th century antiques and a remarkable collection of vintage industrial furnishings and accents.”

There you go – now go check out these designers’ and retailers’ merchandise-

Happy shopping!

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