Taigan Welcomes Gardenhouse, Vintage Home Accents with a Modern Touch

We’re thrilled to introduce GARDENHOUSE on Taigan!

Founder Cheryl Maeder transforms furniture that may seem ordinary into anything but. She uses contemporary fabrics, new finishes, and a discerning eye to modernize décor staples such as chandeliers, settees, lamps and chairs. Cheryl approaches each piece differently, adding her own signature style every step of the way. She searches for vintage furniture with strong character and treats her projects like pieces of art, all of which require strong attention to detail, from the fabric she chooses right down to the paint finish.

Why we chose Gardenhouse:

Gardenhouse puts an energetic touch on vintage treasures, creating pieces that are fun, classic, and most certainly one of a kind. Cheryl is always on the hunt for new finds, scouring flea markets and seeking out dealers for her next project. Her collection is a blend of indoor and outdoor pieces that reflect the holistic approach to living that the folks at Gardenhouse have. Cheryl’s passion for art and design is what makes her vintage gone modern furnishings truly unique and exciting. Welcome Gardenhouse!

Enjoy 10% off your order-enter promo code GARDENHOUSE at payment. Valid through September 21st.

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