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Taigan Creates Gift Guides to Help Our Holiday Shoppers

Taigan today announced the launch of a new gift guide feature for our shoppers in preparation of the holiday season. This addition to our site will significantly help all our gift-stumped customers when they aren’t sure of what they would … Read More

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Holiday Gift Guide for the Pampered Pup!

By Haley Schultheis left: Reversible Red/Leopard Puffer Vest! right: Red Rover Martini Dog Treats As you are shopping for those near and dear to you and checking off those holiday wish lists, don’t forget your furry four-legged friend!  Whether they’ve been … Read More

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A Novice’s Guide to Holiday Shopping on Taigan

I fondly look back at Christmas and Hanukah as holidays in which I would receive a plethora of wonderful presents from my parents, and watch them “ooh” and “ahh” over the lackluster Yankee Candle, or “Vanderbilt Dad” t-shirt I would thoughtlessly gift. However, I’ve unfortunately realized that with my recent graduation and current job, gift expectations have been heightened this year. Read More

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